We provide complete high precision tool and mold making facilities in-house from tool designing, raw material purchase and machining to final tool and mold. With a team of skillful designers and toolmakers, we are able to cater to standard or customized products designed as per your specifications and requirements.

Our headquarters in Singapore has a R&D center which provides value-added services to you by generating innovative solutions for your needs. Our solutions will ensure design feasibility, product moldability, and most importantly, achieve the time and cost savings that are critical for success in this competitive market.
Design is at the front end of our complete service. We usually participate in Early Supplier Involvement. At the beginning of your program, an experienced team of engineers will be delegated to you in order to ask the right questions on DFA and DFM to capture critical product requirements. If needed, our R&D engineers will also be involved to assist with the design. Upon your approval of our detailed tooling concept, the design will be given form and function by in-house development combined with industrial design and engineering development.

If 3-D designs are already available, just send us your 3-D files via email or upload them to our FTP site, and we will do the rest. Our designers are well-versed in all of the standard 3-D design softwares such as Uni-Graphics, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD, and more.

The CNC High speed Machine Center upholds our reputation as a world class toolmaker with the 24,000rpm Milling Machine, which makes cutting complex holes and curves easy yet accurate.

With the help of advanced electrical discharge machines from Sweden and Japan, we are capable of 0.01mm accuracy.

Precision, quality and accuracy have always been our emphasis. Reinforced by highly advanced machines, we are able to achieve a competitive 0.01mm accuracy with a wire diameter of 0.2mm.
We offer a complete solution for clients who need full services, from the design and manufacture of new tooling to the modification of existing tooling, culminating in the supply of quality moldings or assemblies to your requirements.

Banshing plastics injection molding facilities provide you with access to a vertically integrated manufacturing service for products comprising of electronic sub-assemblies and plastic molded enclosures and components. We specialize in the injection molding of technically challenging components, and have excelled in this field for more than 30 years.

Our injection molding machines range in clamping force from 15 tons to 460 tons, with shot capacities from a few grams up to in excess of 400 grams.
Our equipment are high technology precision machines supplied by leading manufacturers in the field, and we constantly upgrade by bringing in the latest machinery. We are thus able to provide excellent flexibility in terms of capacity planning, enabling short lead times to be consistently maintained. Due to our positive investment policy over many years, the average age profile of our machines is currently less than 5 years old.

Banshing demonstrates a long and proven track record in molding all types of plastic materials, including the most 'exotic' engineering grades such as PC, UT250 and POM and glass-filled resins (from 30% - 50%). We have built strong working relationships with our material suppliers in order to provide the optimum technical support from project concept to mass production.
We also specialize in insert molding and over-molding, and have facilities to vertically inject and/or clamp, allowing complex designs to be catered for with a minimum investment in tooling.

Besides the usual precision injection machines, we also have low pressure molding machines which are ideal for parts requiring insert molding with electronic components.

The production of technically complex components and processes often means that annual requirements can be low. At Banshing, we offer low volume production batches while maintaining competitive pricing. We do this through long experience of short batch production and a minimisation of set-up time between batches. Of course, large volume production is also a primary part of our business base and we demonstrate an equally efficient approach in this area.
Nowadays, liquid silicone injection molding onto electronic products' enclosure is becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is the increased reliability performance requirements of the electronic product in various environmental conditions. Our technical and tooling teams are well versed in the following:

  • Liquid silicone molding onto plastic and metal enclosures.
  • Mold design.
  • Machine selection.
  • Troubleshooting of liquid silicone injection molding.

Above all, Banshing provides the technical expertise and flexibility to deliver the best solution in plastics at a competitive price.
Our molding facilities are supported by extensive secondary operation process capabilities. Component assemblies, ultrasonic welding, post mold inserting, multi-colour pad printing and detailed individual part marking are all part of the portfolio of secondary operations currently carried out in-house.

A secondary process often requested by our clients is the spray painting of component enclosures including EMI shield spray painting of internal surfaces of component enclosures. Our Group uses fully and semi-automated spray spindle lines in our various facilities.

Another popular process is the sub-assembly and Mechanical/Electrical testing of the final products. We have catered many conveyor lines for manual assembly combined with automated test fixtures.
In addition, we have an entire production section dedicated to the precision machining of plastics products. This section manufactures components that would normally be beyond the capability of molding alone. This has allowed us to work with our clients to develop solutions in plastics to replace the costlier, more traditional metal insertion that may have previously been considered impractical to produce in plastics.
Our other main division, metal stamping, stamps a wide variety of products. Our stamping repertoire covers single operation, multiple operation, progressive die, and deep drawn metal stampings in the mid to high volume range.

Our facilities reinforce our exceptionality as a metal stamper. We pride ourselves in providing our employees with a clean, well organized and fully maintained work environment, allowing them to focus their attention on producing quality stampings. We do the job right the first time to save on costly rework and scrap. Our commitment to quality and efficiency allows us to meet your quality requirements at competitive prices.